My Literally Everyday Hair Routine

Many of you have been asking about my hair routine so I finally decided to share my “secrets”. I am going to try my best to explain the steps I take to achieve my typical curly hair style but I think without posting a VLOG it may be difficult to follow all the steps. I will share photos of my step-by-step hair routine in the future but I want to know exactly what you would like to see in my future post before I do. I would love to know if there are particular styling questions or images you would like me to include.


First and foremost, my hair is not my hair! No surprise to most of you I am sure. I have about 100 pieces of 18″ keratin bond extensions. Most of my life I have had long hair and about 10 years ago I kept cutting it shorter and shorter until I finally ended up with a sleek bob with bangs. I loved that style and cut BUT it wasn’t versatile and was missing my long hair.

bob haircut

 *circa 2010

To achieve long hair once again, I decided to get hair extensions. Going from short hair to long hair was a drastic change. I was used to drying and styling my hair in 15 minutes maximum. With long hair that is probably how long it takes just to dry it with a hairdryer messily. I love the look I can achieve with longer hair, it is much more versatile. I can wear loose waves, curly, straight, braid it, tie it in a ponytail, etc. I had one color of dark brown for many years because it was easier to maintain and I didn’t have to worry about roots growing out and my color looking dull. When I was ready for a change I wanted to try something more drastic and opted for four different sets of color extension to give my hair more depth and definition. Since I have gone lighter, the bleach is killing my hair but I am loving the change in color and the contrast it creates so I will likely keep it light only a few more months.

Although an extremely unflattering photo below, I wanted to include a before image of my hair after I wash and finger dry it so you are able to see how the progression begins.



What items you will need:



flat iron






I change the brand of shampoo and conditioner I use typically every time I finish each bottle. I generally have some sort of salon shampoo and conditioner in my shower. Right now I am loving Kevin Murphy products! It works wonders on my color treated and over-processed bleached hair. I also have two huge bottles of Pantene shampoo and conditioner for the days when I want to switch it up if my hair is needing a break from it’s usual washing routine.

Something that amazes pretty much ALL my friends is that I wash, dry and style my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY! Yes you heard me correctly. I don’t feel clean if I don’t wash my hair daily. I am fully aware of my crazy OCD ways. I have been told many times over and over but I’m not going to change.

After I wash my hair, I towel dry it and add a small amount of Living Proof No Frizz leave in conditioner. I apply my makeup and let it air dry as much as possible and then finish drying it with a hairdryer. Depending on my mood and where I am going I decide whether or not I am going to use a round brush or just dry it free hand. If I want a smoother sleeker look and if time permits it I will dry it section by section with a round brush. I will use the larger brush to have a smoother finish and then wrap my hair around the smaller round brush while I am working on the next section.

Again, I know without images this may be difficult to visualize for some of you without photos so I promise to post some soon.

Once I am done with my blow-dry, if I want a tighter curl I will use my flatiron to achieve this look. I find this the fastest way to curl my hair and I find the curl stays all day. So much so that I can hardly brush it out if I find it too curly even at the end of my day.

I finish getting dressed so the curls are able to set and just before I am ready to walk out the door I flip my hair upside down and run my fingers through it. I will sometimes add another dab of Living Proff No Frizz product to keep it looking more silky smooth and appear to not be so dry. Sometimes I will add a quick hairspray to keep the flyaways down and my hair in place especially with the static I experience when the cold weather arrives.

If I want a looser curl I use a 1″ barrel curling iron or for an even more beachy look I will use a 1 1/4″ barrel iron. All depending on the look I am wishing to achieve and the amount of time I have to get ready.

Something else that shocks people when I tell them that I wash, dry and style my hair daily is that this whole process takes me around one hour. Yes I could be doing something better with my time or be sleeping in longer but as I mentioned before I do not feel clean without washing my hair. Even if you see me with a top knot, ponytail, braid or hat, I can assure you that I still have completed all the above steps. Don’t judge! The only time I will not style it is when I am on holidays on a beach with extreme humidity. Only then will I wash it and tie it on top of my head in a top knot.










anya hindmarch


big hair










blonde hair







Another interesting fact is that I have never been to a salon for a blow-dry, ever! I often leave the salon after my hair is wash colored and cut with wet hair because I don’t love how anyone else does my hair. I can remember doing this even since my high school days. Weirdo I know!

Please do not forget to let me know what you want me to include in my future hair post! I love reading your feedback and receiving your input 🙂

Until next time,

Alyssa xo


  1. Aww thanks for sharing with us your hair routine hun! Your hair is literally goals for me cuz I’m seriously too lazy to bother about maintaining them LOL. Have a great weekend 😉

    • Awww you are so sweet Aldora! I am so happy to hear you liked my post. I am extremely flattered 🙂 I know it is a lot of maintenance. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

  2. This is completely fascinating! I love how you style your hair extensions and the fact you take such care of them ! I’ve thought about getting them in the past and maybe I will now that I see how wonderful they can be. I love all your beautiful outfits as well ! Thank you so much for sharing !

    • Thank you Jennifer! It took me awhile to get used to them but I have had them so long it comes so naturally. They are fun to try at least for a few months until they grow out if it is something you have thought of. It is fun to try a new look 🙂 Please share if you do ever decide to get them. Thanks for you comment and for reading my post! xxoo

  3. You’re hair is always got that perfect wave look, thanks for sharing your secrets with us my brother has long hipster hair and I picked him up some Dryer Lemon Drop Daily Detangler and he loves it. XOWP

    • Thanks so much Warren! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my blog! It is such a great product. Happy your brother agrees! Have a great weekend! xx

  4. Your curls always look flawless! As someone with super long hair as well, I love hearing other bloggers’ style secrets! Thanks for sharing gorgeous!
    xo, Lauren Ashley

    • Thanks Lauren! It does take a lot of time and effort as I mentioned but I think it is completely worth it! It’s always nice to share and read about other peoples routines and beauty products. Glad you enjoyed! Have a super weekend! xx

    • Happy you agree Chelsea! Yes I am always looking at other people hair, makeup and beauty routine in hopes of discovering something new 🙂 Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it! xxoo

    • You should try it at least once if you like the look. They do add great volume and length but can be a lot of work too. You’re so sweet. Thanks for your comment babe! 🙂

  5. I have both of these brushes from dryer as well and they are among my favorites!
    You hair is gorgeous, sometimes i totally miss my extensions but they are also a lot of work to take care of.
    Thanks for sharing! would love to know what products you use as well.

    • They really are game changers the Dryer brushes. Happy I found them 🙂 Thanks for the lovely compliment!!! I know exactly how you feel because somedays I want to ripe them out and feel lighter and be able to wash, dry and style my hair in a fraction of the time. Sure I will include the products in my next hair post babe! xxx

    • It’s not something I make public but also not something I keep secret as well, if you know what I mean. I like being able to share with others who share the same interests 🙂

    • Thank you so much Lily!! It makes me happy to hear that! Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 xx

    • I had extensions with a bob initially but it was an effort to make sure it blended well. I’m happy you enjoyed my post and gained some insight in my hair world! Have a wonderful week Maggie! xx

    • I get that reaction a lot of the time Bernice lol! Please let me know if you do 🙂 xx

  6. Ok, so the fact is my hair is nowhere even close to as long as yours is, but it’s longer than I’ve had for a long time (and my hair is really thick) so it takes FOREVER to dry. But also, longer hair DOES enable a lot of different styles. One day I can be your nice, cute boy next door, whereas I can go crazy on a night out or be sleek and stylish at a high end restaurant. I don’t think I’m going back to short hair for quite a long time as I love it, despite the effort it takes to keep it looking good. 🙂
    Thanks for a great post!

    • Thank you Thomas! Mine may be longer than yours but it definitely isn’t that thick. So I have that in my favor. It’s cool that you can switch it up for your many different looks and styles. It really suits you! We can always seek comfort knowing it will one day grow back again 🙂 thanks for reading and your comment! Have a wonderful week! xx

  7. Your hair is always so gorgeous and glamourous! Hair styling is something I never seem to manage to get right, for ease I end up straightening it to be done with it the. I have very thick frizzy hair naturally and I love those loose, soft curls but my hair doesn’t want to do that so I gave up lol! I need these tips big time!!


    • Thank you so much Ellie! I have always been able to do my hair fairly well but I have moved around a lot and have faced struggles depending on climate. My hair is frizzy and has curl so when I lived in Florida it was a HUGE challenge so I had to wear it very curly or it would frizz. You just have to do what’s best for you 🙂 happy you enjoyed my post babe! xx

    • Thank you Molly! Happy to know you like it!!! You are sooooo sweet and kind! Thanks for all your love and support babe! xx

    • THANK YOU Ellen!!! You just made my night! Please let me know if you do try the products. Thanks for your support 🙂 xx

    • That’s great to hear Rachel! Thanks for reading my post and commenting 🙂 soooo happy you like my hair!! xx have a great week hun!

    • Aww thanks babe! Hopefully you learned a little about my routine 🙂 thank you for all the support! xx

  8. Thank you for sharing your hair styling routine. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous and glamorous. I have always wanted to try hair extensions, could you please do another post on caring for hair extensions or doing a Q&A with us. I have so many questions to ask. I really need more hair styling tips.



  9. Hello dear, beautiful hair you have.
    I have short hair donI love to see others with long hair.In the past Inused to have extensions but after a few months I don’t wanted more. 😉
    It’s a great work to take restructuring the hair Im used always Kerastase Thermogenic nr 3 for damaged hair and some oils .
    So my hair was always healthy.
    Keep care you looks amazing.
    Xoxo Eva

  10. ‘Your’ hair is amazing… but I may have liked your pictures with the dachshund even better 😉 YAY FOR WIENER DOGS! <3


  11. Great post! Thank you so much for the breakdown. Your hair is always on point so it’s great to have the steps you do daily. I’ve always had incredibly long hair until a year ago. I now wear it in a long bob and I’m having a blast with it! But I know I’ll start to crave my long hair again any day now 🙂

    Lacey |

  12. Thanks for sharing your hair routine. Would’ve never guessed you had extensions. Also love the product reccs. I’m always looking for new hair goodies to amp up the do

  13. Such a good read! Thank you for sharing your hair care routine! It looks so healthy and moisturized! I am also obsessed with your hair color!

  14. Your love for your hair shows hun! I could not imagine myself doing what you do everyday, spending an hour just styling my hair, haha I do not have that kind of patience so hats off to you! You hairstyle looks both effortless (which isn’t true now I know hehe) and flawless!
    xx, Kusum |

  15. Thanks for sharing this detailed routine!
    You have such gorgeous hair! It looks healthy and shiny! It’s so funny that you always leave the salon with wet hair lol but I can totally understand why!

    I also think a video would be a great way to see how you actually curl your hair etc!

    Much love, Josie

    • Thanks for reading hun. My hair is so dead too! Wish we could repair the damage we caused in a faster way. Let me know if you do. Would love to see the results 🙂 xx

  16. Hair goals foreal! I wish I could keep my hair up every day, some days I get really lazy or just want to sleep in! lol Does the Living Proof conditioner help your hair to hold moisture? If I was every day, my hair and scalp would be so dry! My hair is extremely curly so I try to once every other week and co-wash the week in between.

  17. Your curls are always perfect! I’m totally loving Kevin Murphy products lately too! I must say I do love you with that blunt bob and bangs though too!

    • I have never filmed a video yet tutorial. Frankly it scares me because believe it or not I am a little camera shy but I definitely want to step out of my comfort zone and film a hair tutorial sometime soon as promised1 Send me strength please! xx

    • They sure are babe! I cut it, I try to colour it, I over process it and always end up wanting length and body so voila! Thanks so much Kristin! Always appreciate your support and comments! xx

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