Comfy And Casual In Basics

I have always been a fashion worshipper since as young as I can remember. I have always loved following all the latest fashion trends to see just how I could someone create a look to make my own. I used to love looking at the images in all the fashion magazines and tear out the pages that captured my attention.

As early as of the age of 12, I remember my bedroom being plastered wall to wall with pages and pages of editorial images from magazines. I always loved identifying all the up and coming trends. When I look back and see photos of me from a young age I sometimes cower from embarrassment from some of the things I wore. But that’s okay because I always liked being a little different. I would never miss reading the weekly magazines (especially when I had my own my handbag line Caprice Bianca in Los Angeles) to see what the current trends were. *Hence the name iHEARTcapricebianca.

Nowadays, I still read all the prominent fashion magazines but most of the fashion trends are photographs I see online. I follow all my favorite designers, models, magazines, bloggers, etc and constantly am checking their latest social media feeds. Then I immediately begin making a mental list in my head of all the things I want and need in my closet.


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I have always been into comfort and am definitely a jeans and tee type of gal. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE putting on a dress, with sky-high stilettos and layer on the accessories. However, I feel most like myself when wearing the perfectly fitted jeans, the perfect tee and shoes to complete the look.

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Lots more fashion to come! Until then, I will be searching for my next favourite trend.

Alyssa x

Sweatshirt | Free People |

Sunnies | Christian Dior |

Belt | Isabel Marant |

Jeans | Zara |

Bag | Louis Vuitton |

Shoes | Leather High Top Converse |


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