Denim: From Day To Night

Denim. No matter our age nor style the likelihood that everyone owns at least one pair of denim jeans is quite high. Nowadays, denim is widely available in a variety of colours, fits and washes to suit almost everyones’ aesthetic choice.

The challenge for me always seems to be choosing which exact pair to wear and how to complete my look. Belt or no belt? Flat or heels? Cuffed or uncuffed? Tears or no tears? Baggy or fitted? The possibilities seem to be endless.


Denim styles are constantly changing with the current trends. From bell bottoms, low rise, high rise, skinny jeans, baggy jeans, jogger style, short shorts, above the knee shorts, cropped, distressed to boyfriend. The list goes on and on.


Because denim is acceptable in many places and environments many of us own several pairs of jeans to suit the occasion. I probably own three pairs of dressy pants or trousers (hate that word) that are not denim and I can count on one hand the total times I have worn any of them.


If I am going out at night, I more often than not will choose the appropriate denim for the occasion. I often opt for a pair of tightly fitted denim with tears in the knees and a frayed hemline. *Like pictured below. 


I will generally pair my nighttime look with some sort of uber high heel and depending on the season I often fancy something open toed and strappy in the warmer months or in the colder months a bootie or knee-high boot. All depending on the fit of the jeans.


How I choose? What denim I pick any given day is primarily mood driven. I will feasibly take in consideration specifically what I will be doing that day. Along with factoring in weather, length of time I will be in any given outfit, if I will I be in similar environments throughout the day and if I will be going out at night.


I completely obsess over  what I am going to wear. Not that long ago my cousin was visiting and I was choosing between various pairs of jeans to wear the next day. I narrowed it down to two pairs and he could not fathom the amount of time I spent deciding between what looked like to him very similar styles. That’s just my personality. I have always been the same as long as I can remember so to me it is completely normal.


I usually tend to have a handful of jeans that I rotate until I get bored. I usually end up forgetting what jeans I have in my closet. I need to find a better way to organize my denim in order to have them all visible to me at the same time.


For anyone who has known me for a long time knows that one of my favourite things to wear is jeans and a tee. I remember several years ago for my friends wedding rehearsal dinner I wore white jeans and a basic tee. I paired it up with platform metallic gold scrappy Louboutins, a mirrored gold belt, gold bangles and layers of gold necklaces. I didn’t for one second feel underdressed.


If I feel comfortable in what I am wearing, I feel confident. If I am wearing something that I typically would not wear or am not sure about my choice, I more than likely will be waiting till the moment I get home to change out of it.


I am sure many of us find it challenging to find the perfect fitting jeans. I am only 5’2″ so for me more often than not I need to have my denim altered. Luckily now that distressed denim is quite popular, I can cut my jeans myself and leave  a raw edge that doesn’t look bad.


I have a few rules I follow, if I am wearing tight jeans, I will often wear something loose fitting on top. If I wear boyfriend or baggy jeans, I will likely wear something more fitted on top BUT lately I have been wearing baggy and loose fitting together so I will wear a sexy heel to make it more feminine and pair it with some sort of jewelry.


If I am wearing short shorts, I will also likely wear a not so fitted top and probably a pair of knee high boots. Shorts and boots are one of my favourite summer looks. I find it very versatile and I find it dresses up an outfit without having to over accessorize.


I used to be really picky where I bought my denim and used to spend a lot of money on the latest styles and trends. Just a few years ago when I was living in Paris, I started purchasing my jeans from Zara. I was never a huge fan of Zara but I have found over the years their denim fits me just the way I like and they offer a myriad of styles for any occasion. And all at affordable prices.


I hardly throw out my old denim because it is extremely likely that I will recycle that pair of jeans in a few years. Unless they are completely atrocious!



More often than not, I can visualize an outfit in my head without having to try it on if its something I have in my closet and I know how it fits.  With denim I know exactly how my jeans are going to fit me so choosing a top to go with it often does not pose a problem. The only problem that usually occurs is not having something brand new.


When I have my jeans, top and shoes picked out, I will then decide if I need a belt to finish off my look. Then I will choose what accessories will look best with what I am wearing and lastly I will pick what handbag I want to carry.

yellow anya

Something that makes it difficult for me especially when traveling is that I ABSOLUTELY will not wear the same thing without washing it before it’s next wear. Yes, even denim! I prefer how it fits the first time and I love wearing clean clothing after a shower. I know many people will re-wear the same denim over and over before washing it but for some reason I just cannot. Probably the same reason I wash, dry and style my hair everyday. Some may say I have OCD tendencies but hey, that’s just me!



Until next time,

Alyssa xxx

**Fun fact – Percentage of US consumers who own a pair of denim according to is 96%

**Total number of jeans sold worldwide annually 1,240,000,000


    • So happy you agree with me. I appreciate all your love and support. I will be thinking of you during this difficult time babe and look forward to having you back real soon. xxoo

    • Thank you so much Liz! YES!!!! I can see you wearing that top. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      Hope you have an amazing weekend too!!

      Alyssa ❌❤️

  1. I love denim too! Loving all your outfits. You’ve styled them perfectly!! You look stunning as always! <3 <3

    • It’s so easy to pair creating so many styles and options. Thanks for the lovely compliment. You’re so sweet!! ❌❤️ I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and read my blog.

      Alyssa ❌❌

    • Thank you soooo much Kristin!! A girl can never have too much denim 😉 thank you for the compliment and for taking time to do stop by. Have a wonderful weekend! ❤️

  2. Love the way you style denim! You make jeans look so much more fab, and you do it so effortlessly! You’re making me wanna get more creative with the way I wear denim too 🙂

    • Aww thanks Taran! I am extremely flattered. I hope I can inspire you to try something new. It’s always fun experimenting with fashion styles. Hope you have a great weekend! ❌❌❤️❤️

  3. I don’t know what I’m going to do if you don’t tell me where you got the neon handbag from :))) please!!!

    • You’re so sweet babe! It’s Anya Hindmarch but it’s a little over a year old. I got it in Paris 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by my site ❌❤️

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