The Anya Hindmarch Obsession Continues

When I was living in Los Angeles several years ago, and strolling down Robertson Boulevard (probably the trendiest shopping area at the time) I would walk past the Anya Hindmarch store with absolutely no interest of going in. The bags in the window display were uninspiring and at the time lacked any oomph. Her designs were super conservative and very blah for my vibrant and colourful style.

Just over a year ago my love for Anya quickly changed! I am pretty sure that anyone who has seen me or followed me on Instagram in the past year was sure to see my well loved neon yellow Ebury tote. This is where my Anya obsession began!


After I received the yellow tote late summer I practically hunted down and purchased every available sticker for that collection. Soon after I welcomed my yellow Ebury home, I instantaneously concluded it was imperative a fall colour tote would be necessary too. I opted for the same style Ebury tote as the neon yellow however, this one had a perforated smiley face on one side and was black. This provided me the opportunity to purchase the next collections stickers.


After 20 plus stickers  at approximately $75USD each and two very similar totes, I made a conscious self-willed decision to NOT buy anymore super trendy Anya items. Needless to say, that did not last too long.


For several months, I did my absolute best to not even look at anything Anya. Even online! I had to resist the temptation. However, while shopping on a recent trip in the UK I told myself I was just going to take a cursory glance at the Anya collection, but ONLY because there was a end of season sale going on.


Of course I immediately was tempted by several items. Firstly, the over sized emojiesque tassel bag charms caught my eye. I liked them from the first time I laid eyes on them. I figured there were better things to spend money on rather than a winky face oversized tassel at the cost of $375USD but at half off the original price I could not resist no taking one home with me.


As well as a Maxi Zip with a red and blue chevron print, a Georgiana metallic silver clutch with a lightening bolt AND my absolute favourite, an “I love you” card case. I could return back home a very happy girl! I PROMISE no more Anya for awhile now!



Until next time,

Alyssa ❌⭕️❌⭕️

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